The Java Team

Innovative Leadership

Java’s management team functions as an integrated management arm directly supporting our companies with expertise in bidding, engineering, project management, construction management, processes and systems, and project execution.

We look beyond baseline requirements to understand the total need and develop customer specific solutions which redefines customer satisfaction.

Alex Budzinski

VP Operations, North America

Over 15 years of experience in utility construction, with a focus on civil foundation construction.  Alex started in the industry as a Project Administrator and transitioned into Construction management on major projects in Western Canada.  Between 2014 and 2018, Alex led the foundation program on 3 major projects for the Valard Group of Companies totalling 1,960 km of high voltage transmission line, holding roles of Project Manager and Construction Manager. To complement his site experience, Alex moved to the role of Lead Estimator – Transmission, which included directing the estimate and bid for a $2B project in Northern Ontario.  In 2019, Alex joined the Java Group and is now responsible for the North American operations as President of Helical Pile Solutions, and CEO of Professional Excavators.  Alex’s formal education is a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and History from Grant MacEwan University.

Victor Budzinski

Chief Executive Officer

Over 45 years experience in execution excellence and strategic expansion of Utility, Oil and Gas and General Civil Construction companies in Canada, the United States and Europe. Victor began his career as a telephone lineman for CN Rail working across the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut.  Led by his innate entrepreneurial spirit, Victor started his own business in 1973 named Ryco. Victor recognized the potential in Valard Construction and gradually transitioned to a majority shareholder. Under his leadership, Valard expanded into Canada’s largest utility construction company and a leader in Health, Safety, Quality and Management with over $2B work on hand and 4,000 employees.  Throughout this period, Victor directed the construction of Canada’s largest transmission projects, the migration of 16 additional business under the Valard Group of Companies banner, and expansion into the United States and Europe. In late 2019 Victor and his sons formed a new venture under the Java Holdings banner, an execution and management company based in Edmonton, Alberta. Today, Victor provides strategic guidance and support for Java Holdings and its subsidiaries.

Adam Budzinski

VP Operations, Europe

Over 20 years experience in managing unified cross-company execution with a focus on systems integration and continuous improvement in the North American and European utility construction markets. Adam began his career as an aerospace engineering technician performing maintenance and manufacturing support for intercontinental commercial aircraft across Canada and Europe.  After completing his engineering degree, Adam joined Valard Construction as Project Manager and Estimator, focused on the development and implementation of project management and estimating systems to support execution efficiency. This culminated in Valard being awarded the Bruce to Milton 500kV transmission line project, Valard’s first project of that magnitude.  In 2010 Adam was promoted to President of the Valard Group of Companies working under Victor Budzinski. Under Adam’s leadership, the company witnessed exponential growth, driving into markets in Eastern Canada and Europe, focussing on innovation, efficiency and the EPC model.  Today, Adam manages Java Holdings’ European operations helping to integrate Canadian utility construction and EPC methodology for large European transmission projects.  Adam’s education is from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and the University of Alberta as an aircraft maintenance engineer – structural (AME-S) and electrical engineering.

Richard Buchanan CPA, CMA, MBA


Over 35 years in finance, banking, and accounting in the public and private sectors, including almost 20 years in the utility industry.  Richard joined Valard Construction in 2004 and advanced to CFO, responsible for the finance and accounting functions, overseeing a team of over 40 accounting staff in multiple locations and businesses across Canada.  In 2019, Richard reunited with Victor to act as the financial foundation for the Java Group of Companies.  Richard received his formal education from the University of Alberta and Athabasca University.

Dave Bentley BA, CRM, ACSB

VP Risk and Business Development

Dave’s ties to the Budzinski family started 25 years ago while building a powerline in Swan Hills, Alberta, and this evolved into a 20-year financial role as the Senior Surety Broker for the Family’s Construction Company.  Dave joined Java to steer Business Development, Risk Management (Complex Insurance and Surety Placements), Acquisition of Companies, Procurement of Fixed Assets, and addresses issues for the Group’s construction interests in Canada, the USA and Europe. Dave is a key member of the Java entrepreneurial team that is growth oriented and thrives on taking calculated risk. Dave received his education and professional development from Carleton University, University of Toronto and University of Alberta.

Shannon Wilkinson

Director, Systems

Over 25 years of experience in applying process and technology to improve business execution and competitive advantage. He founded, developed and led companies in a variety of industries including high-tech, construction, wholesale distribution and travel. In 2011 Shannon joined Valard Construction where he was responsible for the leadership and development of systems, processes and procedures, including the records management and document control programs. Shannon was instrumental in guiding the creation and implementation of an Enterprise Project Management System which enabled successful project execution of large EPC energy transmission projects. At Java, Shannon leads the planning and implementation of corporate and project business processes and systems within and between all companies under the Java umbrella. Shannon’s education is in Business Administration and Marketing Management from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and the University of British Columbia.

Seema Taylor P.Eng, PMP, MASc


Over 15 years of experience in engineering, project management and quality roles at development-oriented companies with a focus on innovation and execution. Seema’s experience spectrum includes feasibility studies for Lunar and Mars missions (Curiosity), microchip manufacturing and process integration, facilitating advancements for oil and gas liquid pipelines at Enbridge, and managing a $1B utility EPC project effectively using systems, processes and automation. At Java she is responsible for defining bid and project management philosophy, requirements and compliance including policy management. Seema’s education from Simon Fraser University is in electronics and microelectronics engineering with a focus on design, optimization and project delivery.

Daniel Macpherson

Director, Information Technology

Over 25 years experience in installation, maintenance and systems development in the electrical industry. He entered the workforce originally as a carpenter, and then as a Red Seal Electrician performing installations and transitioned into database management and quality control for oil and gas. Daniel joined Valard Construction in 2012 and grew his team to develop and maintain in-house project applications and was the interface between the field and corporate IT for infrastructure needs. At Java, he is responsible for all aspects of IT infrastructure and software development.

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